Living in the KO

My life amd times as internationalAriel get used to it peeps. Living life on the run, following the sun to where ever it lies. Dont try and master the speech as it can not be repeated. Listen to that last line again and say the words in fine fashion. My style can not be repeated and i cant be followed, caught or duplicated. Till the day we meet once again for last time, first time i bid you farewell, adieu, sayanara. And what nots and wots bots and things. Love, peace and some war. Later gators and gals.

Breakfast in Cambodia, similar to steak and eggs in the USA. Tok Tak (or vice versa) is rice steak and eggs. The shake you see is a dragonfruit shake to top it off. #Traveltip eat where the locals eat off the beaten path, the food is cheaper and a more authetic meal. #mealoftheday #travel #food #foodporn #livinglavidaloca
  • 31 January 2013
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